Nancy and I both really love to travel.

We travel a fair amount with weddings and so forth, but when we go somewhere it’s either for work, or to the lake or the beach.  But this fall, we’re going to do a vacation, and pretty big.  We’ve not gone anywhere significant (aside from the lake or beach) solely for leisure or sightseeing since we went to Peter Island on our honeymoon over four years ago.

Next month, that all changes.  We spent a good chunk of time this weekend planning our vacation to New England for the wedding of some of our good friends.  Check out the screenshot of our trip map below.

I have to give a big, big “thank you” to my good friend John, who is from Connecticut and has helped us plan this trip.  There’s a good chance I’d be stressing right about now without his help.

We’ll be flying into New York a few days before the wedding, and we got a great deal at Hotel BPM in Brooklyn, which opened a few weeks ago.  We’ll do a few old favorites, as well as some new things.  I’m probably most excited about the 9/11 Memorial and the USS Intrepid.  I’ve been to Ground Zero before, but it was basically a massive hole in the ground with a few memorial items around it when I went in 2004.

After a few days in New York City, we’ll be taking the train a few hours northeast to New London, Connecticut (blue points on the center of the map picture).  The festivities will be happening in and around Mystic, CT.  Nancy is most excited (borderline freak-out mode, cute freak-out mode) about Clyde’s Cider Mill and Holmberg Orchards, as we’ll be a few weeks into apple picking season. We’ll attend a beautiful wedding (check out the bride’s amazing blog) and head out the next day.

The funniest part to me in planning was looking at the map and thinking, Gosh, I don’t think I want to go through Rhode Island on the way to Boston – it’s the long way around.  Then I Google mapped it and found out it was an only extra 30 minutes to go through Newport – all the way through another state!  States that small are completely out of my frame of reference.

We’ll head to Boston and spend a few days there before heading home.  We are both crazy excited about the Freedom Trail.  Since we’re both trying to read John Adams before we go, Boston and the surrounding area has already taken on a new significance for both of us, though we’ve never been there.

It’s going to be a great trip, and I’m thankful for planning tools like Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and HopStop to make it all happen.

Question:  What is a must-see for us on this trip?  Where should we eat in NYC, Connecticut, and Boston?