I’m enjoying one of my new favorite apps, Phoster.

It’s a poster-creating app that comes pre-loaded with a bunch of good-looking designs, an easy-to-use interface, and tons of options for sharing what you create.

Here’s a poster I created in about five minutes on my iPad:


For someone who is design- and aesthetically-challenged like myself, this app is a godsend for quick and easy creation of good looking cards, flyers, and of course, posters.  It includes a decent font selection, some great looking colors, and great designs you can customize.

Here’s an info card I’m working on:

Info Card

I imagine that experienced Photoshop-ers and InDesign-ers would likely be frustrated by the constraints of this app.  For instance, you cannot modify the layout of the design elements themselves (lines, flourishes, other graphics). There were honestly a few constraints that bothered me a bit, like each line of text having its own text box, minimal text box size control, and limited color choices.  But some of the things that they removed also help keep the simplicity of the app as well.

Nancy created a poster to promote an upcoming fundraising event for our missions trip:


In the future, I’d like to see more control of the output quality (size, PPI, etc.) to ensure high-quality printing or web-ready exporting. Would also like to see more color options and a little more design flexibility, perhaps allowing modification to the design itself.  

But if you need a cheap and easy way to create postcards, invitations, web banners, flyers and posters, at half the cost of your favorite latte, Phoster is the way to go. 

Question: What apps or programs do you use to create things quick-and-easy?