May was a big month.  Here’s a flavor of what all went down:

Ladder Program

Wrapped up the Ladder Program (after-school program I run at church for 40 at-risk students – see pic above)
Celebrated a bunch of graduating high school seniors
Completed our Wills! (more on that later this month)
Went to the beach with family
Said goodbye to the Lake House
Started working out some more
Shot three amazing weddings
Completed registrations for camp

It’s been a big month, and this month will not be slowing down at all!  More weddings, camp, some photography events (Nancy is here right now), and our 5-year anniversary!  I can’t believe that last one – wow.

Here’s a number of things I want to accomplish this month:

– Shoot four awesome weddings
– Finish reading
I Will Teach You to Be Rich and read How to Win at the Sport of Business
– Survive summer camp with 29 students
– Organize and run the Nicaragua 5k to raise funds for the Nicaragua trip in July
– Play golf at least twice
– Hold at least two financial coaching sessions
– Celebrate five amazing years of marriage

Good luck to you with your goals!  What are you trying to accomplish this month?