Thanks for bearing with me in my absence, and thanks to those of you who prayed for me and the team as we were in Nicaragua last week.  We had an amazing trip.

I’ll likely share some thoughts as I process through everything we experienced, and the first is this:

We’ve already won the lottery.

Nicaragua 1

If you – like me – were born here, you’re one of the 4% of people in the world with access to the most opportunity, the most wealth, the best medical care, and the most freedom that the world has ever known.  It’s something we take for granted, while we complain about it being too hot, or our Apple computers being too slow, or having an iPod touch a few generations old.

Nothing that we have done merits us being born here, versus being born in some forgotten, impoverished corner of the world.  It was simply the luck of the draw that we’ve received an amazing gift such as this.  A gift that we shouldn’t forget, that we shouldn’t take for granted.

It’s not a guilt trip, it’s just perspective.

Question: What are you most thankful for?