I have been a fan of athletic teams who have struggled to get it done in recent years – namely, my NC State Wolfpack and my Carolina Panthers.  Love them lots, but it hasn’t been the greatest stretch.

It seems that way too often, games get close at the end, but we’re always looking for that “last-second miracle” to come along and lift the team to victory.  We need that one great play, that one Hail Mary pass, and victory is within our grasp!

In reality, games are rarely won in just a last-second play.  The trajectory of the result is determined much, much earlier – in the 3rd quarter, 2nd quarter, 1st, or even in practice.  Those times that don’t seem as crucial, really are.

Such is life.

The times that don’t seem as crucial really are crucial.  Your life’s course isn’t determined in a day, in the fourth quarter.  Your marriage doesn’t survive or fall on a last-second miracle.  Your financial situation is not determined by one play, one event, one situation.  Most of the time you lose a job because of a pattern of behavior, not a one-time lack of judgement.  You don’t get fat overnight.

But many times we think, “If I can get one big win at work everything will be ok.”

“I’m believing that the Lord’s gonna pour out blessing that will overflow.”

“I need a healing in my body that only the Lord can provide.” Or, “I found a miracle treatment that will fix my _______.”

All of these things result from a lifetime of choices, decisions, and actions (or lack thereof).  There is rarely – if ever – a true make-or-break moment.  Everything you choose to do with your money, your marriage, your family, your career, your health etc. either helps make it or break it.

So start making the right choices now, no matter how small.  And stop looking that last-second miracle.