Profit is a simple equation.

Income – Expenses = Net Profit


$100,000   –   $40,000  =  $60,000
Income     –   Expenses =  Net Profit

Want to work less?  Make more?  Do your “side business” as a full-time job?  You need to become profitable.

“Profit” is a bit of a dirty word these days, but it’s what makes all business possible and worthwhile.  It really makes the world go round.

So how do you become [more] profitable?

1) Income (the first number) needs to go UP ⬆

2) Expenses (the second number) need to go DOWN ⬇

Those two things determine the final number, and the measure of your profitability.

How this applies to your business is for you to figure out, but hopefully it’s a starting point.