Yesterday, we talked about the importance of having someone to help you succeed – an accountability partner.

There are a few things to consider when selecting an accountability partner for your finances:

1) They need to share your values.
An accountability partner that isn’t 100% on board with what you’re doing isn’t going to be as effective as someone who is on the same page with you.  They need to share your conviction that living on a budget/getting out of debt/saving money/etc. is the right direction for your life.

2) They need to be willing to speak up – even if it’s difficult. 
Don’t choose your sweet friend who hates conflict to be your accountability partner.  I wouldn’t choose my most passive-agressive friend, either.  Your accountability partner needs permission from you to speak into your life when he or she sees that something is out of line.  And they need the guts to say something.

3) They need at least a basic level of understanding.
I would not ask myself to be my accountability partner for my nutrition.  I just don’t know enough.  In the same way, it’s helpful to have someone who has some level of knowledge and possibly success in an area of their lives.

4) Look around you.
The options may be closer than you think. Consider your close friends at your workplace or at your church, where you have to face them regularly.  It will be easier to facilitate regular interaction that way.

Either way, find someone to keep you accountable in your finances or in any area that you want to improve!

Question:  What else is helpful to keep in mind about accountability?