I was moved in my heart recently about how we in youth ministry must make sure that our students know that foundational, basic truths and doctrines of Christianity.

It’s important they know God has a plan for their lives, how to relate to each other, what the Bible says about ________ (fill in the blank).   But it’s vital that they understand on a deep level who God is, who they are, what eternity is, what the Bible is, and the purpose of church.

I was hoping the series would be longer than this, but scheduling wise we’ve only had two weeks.  So we’ve been on a series I called “Base Camp.”  We’ve been discussing the foundations of Christianity, the basic truths that we know and understand.  Obviously “base camp” has a more precise mountaineering definition, but for our purposes I defined base camp as the place we come back to, no matter what we experience or where we go in life.

When I was planning for this series, I needed a creative and engaging way to present all this information I wanted to share (a lot) in a short period of time.  So I turned to Prezi, an online-based presentation software that offers a new way to do projects and presentations.  It’s pretty fascinating, and hugely helpful for visually mapping concepts, while still being able to dive deep into the details.

So I came up with this, using some awesome graphics from StuffICanUse.com and a template from Prezi.  Check it out!

Someone could make a case that the spatial layout and mapping of the concepts might be more accurate if done differently, but I feel like it covered a lot of ground in a well-organized manner.  I’ve made this “Prezi” available online as well, if you think you’d like to use it.  Your copy of it would be editable so you could adapt it to your needs, add different videos, or add more Scriptures.


Disclosure: While I have no “business” relationship with Prezi, the first link is a referral link that is usable for account upgrades. 

What are some of the newest systems and technologies you’re using?