Gratitude and entitlement stand diametrically opposed.

One – gratitude – is rooted in our humility.

The other is rooted in our pride.

Gratitude focuses on what we have.

Entitlement focuses on what we lack.

Gratitude says, “I deserve nothing, so I’m thankful for everything I have.”

Entitlement says, “I deserve this/that, so we’re gonna have problems if you don’t give it to me.”

Gratitude brings people together.

Entitlement alienates others.

Gratitude cultivates contentment in our lives.

Entitlement leads us to the never-ending quest for “more.”

Gratitude leads to a feeling of blessing.

Entitlement leads to a feeling of lack.

Gratitude gives credit to where credit is due: to the giver, whomever that may be.

Entitlement doesn’t care who gives it or how, as long as it’s received.

The byproduct of gratitude is spelled J-O-Y.

The byproduct of entitlement is spelled J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y.

Friends, one of the things damaging our culture is a growing sense of entitlement.  As we approach the wonderful day we set aside for giving thanks, let us now and always cultivate gratitude in our hearts.

What are some other differences between gratitude and entitlement?