Ok, let’s just get it out there in the open.  I really dislike the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

I’d go as far to say it’s my least favorite Christmas movie.

Some of you are going to dislike me greatly for my blasphemy.  I may be called a “Grinch,” a “Scrooge,” or a hater, but I stand by my remarks.

You all know the story if you’ve been around long enough.  George Bailey, who owns the Savings and Loan bank in Bedford Falls, New York – experiences misgivings about some of his choices in life and contemplates suicide, but ultimately finds satisfaction in his simple, “Wonderful” life, hard as it may be.

Yes, it’s iconic, and yes, it’s a Christmas mainstay.

What drives me nuts about it is that George Bailey owns a Savings and Loan bank (that’s ok), making loans to people who can’t pay them back (not ok)!  And he’s the good guy, praised for it, all because he intends to help people with it.

Take George Bailey’s business practices, multiply them times about a million, add a dash of greed, and what do you have?

The housing crisis of 2008.   

Politicians with good intentions institutionalized lending to unqualified buyers, big banks playing fast-and-loose with the capital markets, plus people buying more than they can afford all added up to a macro-economic nightmare.

On the other hand, the bad guy of the story, Mr. Potter, is run-down and vilified for running a profitable business!  Ok, not wholly accurate – he’s vilified more for not caring about people, not just for being profitable.  The point still stands that he’s the one running a profitable business here and cast as the villain.

Anyway, I hope you can forgive my Christmas Scroogery if I’ve no interest in coming over to watch that movie with you.

What’s your least favorite Christmas movie?