Since working through Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and paying off our home about a year ago, we’ve been adjusting to a new way of living.

Yeah, there’s more money that we can do more with, but it still doesn’t grow on trees.  We don’t have stacks on stacks of cash laying around the house that just keep piling up because we don’t have a mortgage.

So we’ve been adjusting to a new budget over this last year.  One that expands our lifestyle allowances and giving, but also keeps our long-term goals in mind.  We’re excited beginning to lay a financial foundation now to be able to continue to give like no one else for the rest of our lives.

That’s why I’m so excited about Dave Ramsey’s new class, The Legacy Journey.  It’s a followup class to FPU, and it answers the question of “What now?” after grasping and applying the concepts found in Financial Peace University.  “Ok, so we’re living on a budget, we’ve gotten out of debt, we’re saving for retirement and college, we’ve got emergency savings, we’re working on paying off our house, now what?”

Check out a preview here.  You’ll see a little bit why I’m excited:

Nancy and I will be leading the class at Celebration Church starting Thursday night, January 9th!  If you’ve gone through FPU, you know that the $110 cost for the class is pittance compared to the value and information you’re going to get from it.  If you’re located in the Triangle, we’d love to have you join us!

You can get more information on the class and register here.