Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps work.

1) Save $1,000 in the bank (Baby Emergency Fund).

2) Pay off all your debt but the mortgage, as fast as you can.  Get intense about it!

3) Save 3-6 months of expenses for your full-size Emergency Fund.

3b) Save up for a down payment on a home (if you don’t have one)

4) Save 15% of your income for retirement.

5) Save for your kids’ college education.

6) Pay off your home early.

7) Build crazy amounts away and give away HUGE portions of it.

Two things you do all the way through the process: Budgeting and insurance.  You don’t start those after reaching a step; they’re all the way through.

These really work.  Wherever you are, press “pause” on anything else, and work them top to bottom.  Jump on board and start changing your life!