Twitter was ablaze with #creationvsevolution discussion on Tuesday night, with good reason.  Ken Ham, Christian apologist, world wide speaker, and bestselling author, squared off against Bill Nye (of “Science Guy” fame), Emmy award-winning producer and CEO of the Planetary Society.

If you didn’t see it, the video is going to be hosted online for a few more days.  (They’ve disabled embedding the video somehow.)  While many have ridiculed the whole debate, I thought it was lively and interesting.

While I realize not many minds were going to be swayed one way or the other (mine wasn’t), I appreciated the dialogue and discussion.  I admire Ken Ham for unabashedly declaring the gospel and being willing to stand up for the truth of the Bible in the face of what has become unrelenting criticism, even deplorable, ignorant comments from his own side.

As leaders, we need to stay aware of what’s happening in culture, so we can speak into things and understand where the people to we teach and lead are hearing and learning.

Did you watch the debate? What’d you think about it?