I loved seeing all of the #EndItMovement posts all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram yesterday.  It’s pretty incredible to watch people literally all over the world come together for an extremely worthwhile cause.

Hear me on this.  It is good, and important, and noble, and the right thing to do to raise and expand awareness of the horrible injustice of slavery.  Most people don’t even realize or understand it, and awareness is the first step.

That being said, increasing awareness is just that – the first step.  Action is the next step.

Raising awareness is valuable, but it’s only valuable to the point that it motivates action.  Awareness is worthless if it fails to motivate action.

We talked, now what are we going to DO about it?


Awareness happens with our mouths and our hands as we talk and type.  Action happens with our feet and our wallets.  Are you going to go?  Are you going to serve?  Are you going to give?

The A21 Campaign is affiliated with the #EndItMovement.  They have an excellent website that can inform, and an easy online giving portal so that you can partner with them in their four-pronged mission: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Partnerships.  You can support them here.

Awareness is good.  Action is better.