– If you’re just starting out budgeting, don’t lose heart after two weeks of frustration.  It takes roughly 90 days/three months to really get into the swing of things.

– Put everything on auto-draft.  Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.  Continue receiving paper bills if it helps you keep track, and use those to make your budget.

– Keep your budget simple.  Any Excel formulas other than SUM, and you may be getting too complicated.

– If you’re using a cash envelope system, try budgeting in increments of $20.  Then you don’t have to go into the bank or do a transaction with a teller to get the cash, just drive thru the ATM.

– For variable, discretionary categories in your budget (clothing, auto care, household expenses, gifts, etc.), put a little bit of money aside each month.  When the expenses are higher one month, you’ll have some money you’ve set aside to pay for them.

There’s lots more that could be said, but hopefully you can glean something from that to help your efforts to control your money!