I shared a message with our church on Sunday morning entitled “Go Get Your Breakthrough.”  In it, I shared seven keys that I saw in Scripture to achieving a breakthrough of some kind.

You might need a breakthrough in your financial situation.
You might need a breakthrough in your marriage.
You might need a breakthrough in a spiritual battle you’ve been fighting.
You might need a breakthrough in your health.

Whatever it is, we serve a God who David called “The Lord of the Breakthrough” (II Samuel 5:20).

So here are 7 Keys to Breakthrough that we see in Scripture and some corresponding verses to check out:

1) Prayer – David prayed and heard from God before going after his breakthrough (II Samuel 5:18).  If you’re in need of a breakthrough, have you talked to God about it?  And I don’t mean have you asked God to bless your plans, but have you really sought after him about the issue?  Its two-way communication.  Try it.

2) Faithfulness – David’s breakthrough came after years and years of faithful service.  It was all the way back in I Samuel 16 that he was anointed king, but just now that it was coming to pass.  He spent years fighting various battles and running from King Saul before this point.   Your breakthrough might not come right away but it will if you stay faithful.  God will not give up on you so how in the world can we hope to achieve breakthrough if we give up after two hard weeks?

3) Repentance – Scripture is very clear on this: sin prevents blessing and good things (Jeremiah 5:25).  Every time, we see that things don’t go well for people who continue to live in sin.  Check out the story of Achan and the Israelites in Joshua 7; as soon as Israel purged the sin from the camp, the Lord gave them breakthrough.  So what do you need to repent from and clean out of your life to see your breakthrough?

I’ll share the rest of the seven keys tomorrow in Part 2!