– Budget on a monthly basis.  It’s fine if you want to break that down into weeks, but every billing system for utilities, loans, insurance, and other regular services use months as their shortest billing increment.

– Stop living by your bank account balance and start living with the budget as a guide.  You need to know what’s coming in and going out, but you need to get away from thinking that, “Oh, I’ve got $600 in my bank account.  What do I need/want to buy?”

– If you use an envelope system and have to purchase something online or with a debit card, it’s ok!  Just make sure you do the work on the back end to reconcile that with your budget.

– You’ve got two options for when you purchase something in a cash category with a debit card (let’s say the item was $20):
1) Take $20 cash from the envelope and put it back in the bank
2) If it’s close to the end of the month, prepare your budget for the next month, having already “taken” that money from the category for the coming month.  Example: You budget $60 for April in that category, but you’ve already spent $20, so you’ll actually get out $40 when you fill your envelopes.