It drives me nuts, and it happens all the time. 

The facts are clear: we live in a highly dynamic, ever-changing world.  Everyone that’s been around for more than a decade or two knows that the only true constant in life is change.

OK, so what drives me crazy about it?  We still get caught up in the idea that where we are now – right now – is our lot in life.  I get caught up in it too, sometimes – I lack a long-term, dynamic perspective.

It happens in a bunch of different areas.  Proponents of raising the minimum wage often fall into this static way of thinking.  How are people supposed to build a life on $7.50/hour, right?

That reasoning makes the assumption that the individual will be working at that company for that wage forever.  It fails to take into account the dynamic nature of the situation.  Any employee working hard and growing won’t be at the minimum wage very long.  Their employer will pay them more, or they’ll find another job.

I see it all the time in money discussions, especially.  People get discouraged because they think that their situation won’t change.  “If we pay $___/month on our debt, it’s gonna take us three years!  OH NO!”  Or, “How long is it going to take us to save for the emergency fund at that rate?”

And so we do quick math and we build a targeted time horizon in our heads – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing to do.  But then the feelings of discouragement come, because even though you’re finally doing the right thing, it’s going to take you forever to get there.

And that’s when I pipe up and say, “IT WON’T BE LIKE THIS FOREVER, DANGIT!”

You’re going to make more money!

Your business is going to grow!

You’re gonna get a promotion!

You’re gonna find more ways to save money and cut expenses!

Money is highly dynamic and finite.  It’s obvious that it’s finite, but we forget the dynamism of it.  It’s always moving, always changing hands, always flowing one way or another.

And when you start to do the right things, more money starts to flow towards you.  Just listen to any debt free call on the Dave Ramsey show.  The callers always start the process with an income of $________ (lower figure) and end up with an income of $________ (significantly higher figure).

Things get better for those who work hard and handle their money well.  It happens too often to deny.  So do what you know you should be doing with your money, and don’t forget that it won’t be like this forever!

Question: What are some other examples of this “static” way of thinking?