We live in a now culture.

Hungry?  Why wait?
New music?  Download it now.
Entertainment?  Have it now from any of a dozen sources.
Want to talk to someone?  Connect now with text & Twitter.
Want to buy something?  Do it now with your credit card.
Don’t worry about saving up for stuff.  Buy it now, and you can finance it.

The closest thing we have to delayed gratification in our culture is two-day shipping from Amazon.

In a culture filled with instant gratification, it’s a completely foreign thing to wait and work for something that will come in the future.  You can have the car you want now, the TV you want now, the house you want now, the lifestyle you want NOW.

But like the quote in the image says, for me that’s not a place worth going.

Saving up cash and paying for a car in the future requires more time and a lot more self-control than financing it now.
Same thing with a computer.
Same thing with a vacation.
Same thing with a home.
Same thing with a business.
Same thing with an education.

The places that are really worth going are going to take more time.  It will be less glamorous and less enjoyable in the short run, but more fulfilling and a true blessing in the long run.

So this week, if you’re frustrated that you can’t have “that thing” now, strengthen yourself again and press in.  Once you do get there, you’ll see it was really a place worth going.