– Do a new budget every month.  No two months are the same, and budgets shouldn’t be the same either.  They should reflect what’s going to happen that coming month.

– If the timing of the money flowing in and flowing out is causing you problems, consider keeping a $1000 “float” in your checking account to cover the swings that you experience in the course of a month.

– I put everything I can on auto-draft, to make things as easy as possible.  But that DOESN’T mean I don’t pay attention!  You have to pay attention to your bills, still!  Keep getting paper bills when going on auto-draft, if it helps you pay attention.

– Everybody needs a little blow money.  Call it what you like: spending money, walking-around money, scratch.  It gives you a little sense of freedom and helps you actually keep the budget by having some cash to cover little things that seem to pop up.