Monday and Tuesday this week I had the pleasure of attending and briefly presenting at the Making Things Happen Conference at the beautiful Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill.

It was an awesome experience.  The content of the conference is outstanding, as it forces you to dig deep on the first day to figure out what’s most important, what you fear, what’s holding you back, and what matters most to you.  We focused the second day on action – how we’re going to make what matters most in our lives happen.

It was an interesting experience, especially since I was the only male attendee and presenter.  Nancy and I had the opportunity to share some about our financial journey, which was a lot of fun.

Great quotes (that only scratch the surface):

“God told me that I only have this one life.  You only live once, right?  YOLO… God told me YOLO, okay?” – Nancy Ray

“The impossible IS possible.” – Lara Casey

“Humility is the place where change begins.” – Lara Casey

MTH is an incredibly empowering experience that gives attendees devoted time to really look hard at their lives, figure out what’s important, and determine how they’re going to make it happen.  The conference will be back in October, so take the opportunity to experience some life change next time!