Here are some quick-tips for making your budgets happen this week and month!

– Always keep in mind the opportunity cost of an item – what are you going to give up in order to spend those dollars on that expense?  What else could you be doing with the money, that you won’t be able to now that you’re spending it on something else?

– Always go back and reconcile your budget towards the end of the month, as you prepare for the next.  Did you actually spend what you planned to spend?  Or did you blow the Starbucks budget sky high and forget to set aside money for gifts?

– We personally have a few categories that build up cash in an envelope, then it’s available when we need it: Auto Care (for oil changes and minor repairs), Clothing (when we need something, we buy it, but generally not every month), and  Gifts (builds up all year until it’s all blown at Christmas and Nancy’s birthday).