Here are some more tips for your budget.  Now’s the time to do your budget for May!

– Your budget is not static every month, it’s dynamic.  It changes, because life changes.  Your heat bill should be going down, and your electric bill will be going up this month.  The weather has warmed up, so don’t forget about the travel you’ll be doing later this month.

– Always do a budget that is zero-based.  By that I mean that your income minus your outgo equals zero.  Why is that important?  Let’s say your income is $3200/month.  Your expenses add up to $3000, and you keep the $200 as “extra.”  What happens to the $200?  It will get spent somewhere along the line, and you’ll have nothing to show for it!  So give that “extra” a real name and purpose so it doesn’t float away.

– Your budget reflects your priorities.  If I reviewed yours, what would I see is important to you?  It’s wise to check periodically and see:  Does this budget (and resulting lifestyle) reflect our family’s priorities?