Nancy came home with an old book from the library a couple of weeks ago, sat down, and read it in about an hour one Friday morning.

It was a book that I’d heard of before, entitled Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

It’s a short little read, with big type, a few illustrations, and small pages; but it’s packed with dynamite.  The crux of the book is about dealing with change in life and work.

Johnson offers a comparison of four different ways to approach change in life and work:

1) See the change, accept it, and immediately run in new directions to find the new answers.
2) See the change, accept it, and start to use environmental clues and your senses to find new answers.
3) See the change, complain about it, demand that things go back to how they were, hate life, and make yourself and everyone around you miserable.
4) See the change, complain and resist it for a while, then ultimately decide to move on to find the new answers.

It’s an engaging little read, one that’s timeless and easy to relate to in your own life.  Pick it up if you find yourself in the midst of a new season or you see a change coming down the road.  You won’t be disappointed.

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