When people ask what I do as a financial coach, I always say, “I help people win with their money!”

But what do I mean when I use the phrase “win with money?”

What does it look like?  How do you define “winning” with money?

It might look differently for you, but for me it means this:

– Not worrying about how you’re going to pay the bills

– Living without fear that you’re going to have to go deeply into debt if something goes wrong.

– Never having to think, “Oh no, is there enough money in the checking account for that bill?”

– Communicating with your spouse on a deep level about your finances.

– Living an empowered and in-control life.

– Having the confidence to face life’s financial challenges.

– Having the money to do some of the fun things you want to do.

– Facing the prospect of retirement without fear.

– Being able to live a generous life without it hurting your family.

– Making progress toward your financial goals.

Becoming debt frrreeeeeeeeeeee!

– Not worrying about your credit score, because you have MONEY to buy what you need to buy.

– Having the freedom to chase your passions, because you’ve got money in the bank.

– The ability to give, generously, to people and organizations that you care about.

– Not being a victim to your life circumstances.

– Helping your kids go to college or start their life on a good financial footing.

– Family vacations, travel, and making memories.

– Aligning your money habits with what really matters to you.

– Having the money to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

What does winning with money mean to you?