It’s the last week in May, so make sure you jump on that budget for June! 

– Giving and saving need to come first on the budget.  You do those first, not last, because if you wait until the end to do them, there won’t be anything left!  Make sure you designate some money to give, and at least a little bit to save, then build your life around that so you can continue to make progress on your goals.

– If you over-budget for an item, you can keep that money in that category for the next month, or you can re-allocate it toward something else you need.  For example, let’s say I budgeted $300 for gas but only used $250, I have the option to start with a base of $50 for next month.  Or I could take that money and apply it to debt, savings, or a purchase I’ve been considering, and my gas budget will start fresh (and empty) the next month.

– It’s good to keep a few categories in the budget that you might not always use, so you can be reminded of them each month to check: Do I have any doctor bills this month?  Veterinarian expenses?  Pest control?  Car registration fees?

Good luck and happy budgeting!  You can do it!