For the last season of life (four and a half years, to be exact), I’ve served as the Youth Ministries Director at Celebration Church.  Today marks the first day of a new season.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be transitioning out of that position and working to build something new.Bridge Youth Ministry

Over the last 18 months, Nancy and I have been praying for the Lord to lead and guide us into what was next.  Should I seek and take on more responsibility at church?  Or was there something new, something different that God had for us?

We didn’t want to rush the decision.  We took a long, hard look at our lives, and didn’t come to this conclusion lightly.  We LOVE ministry.  We LOVE the church.  We’re called to ministry.  It’s part of who we are.

And yet, God was persistent and clear.  So clear, that when I relay to someone else all of the things he has shown us and said to us, it’s almost as if he’s been shouting through a megaphone, saying, “GO THIS WAY!”

Since people always assume the worst (not you, just people in general), I wanted to make a few things clear.  I was not fired, nor asked to step down.  There is no behind-the-scenes drama with the church.  I can honestly say I’m moving on because God is calling me TO something, not because of something at the church.  Our Pastors have been exceedingly gracious, understanding, and accommodating throughout this process since it began when we sat down with them in February.

You’ll be hearing and seeing more in the coming weeks of what I’ll be working on, but in short, I’m really looking forward to having more time to serve more people in the area of my greatest passion: helping people win with their money.  What all does that include? Glad you asked!

  • Continuing to blog here about money, life, and faith
  • Serving more individuals, couples, and small businesses as their financial coach
  • Speaking and teaching on small business and personal finance at conferences, seminars, and in churches, as some great opportunities have opened up!
  • Developing materials and products to empower you to win with your money

Aside from that, I’ll be working a little bit more with Nancy to continue to serve amazing brides and grooms all over the southeast with Nancy Ray Photography.

Here’s to new seasons, friends!