Hopefully you’ve sat down and created your budget for June, but if not, it’s not too late!  Do it this week, and incorporate these tips!

– For bills that happen annually or semi-annually (like some insurance, property tax, registrations), divide the total amount due by twelve (or six for semi-annual bills) and set aside that amount each month.  That way, when the bill comes due, the money is sitting in your checking account, and one bill doesn’t hamstring your budget for a month.

– You need to make your budgeting process and mechanics as simple as possible.  A system that is too complex will not serve you well – you’ll quit and not keep up with it.  Whatever system you use, it needs to have enough detail to reflect your life, but you need to be able to execute in as few steps as possible.

– I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – one of the things that helps you simplify is automation.  Automatic bill-pay via auto-draft.  This doesn’t mean you stop paying attention, though!  You keep building a budget and planning for those bills, you just don’t have to sign into the online system, enter your debit card info, and confirm.  You plan for it, and it just happens.
NOTE: Don’t allow electronic access with credit card collectors!