July is just around the corner, so start your reconciliation work on the month of June and start looking ahead to July!

– It’s best for most couples if the person most inclined to numbers and budgeting drafts the budget, then both of you sit down together to finalize the budget.  Both of you don’t have to be involved in the entire process all the way through, just as long as both partners have a chance to speak their mind and have their voices influence the final outcome.

– Likewise, you don’t both have to pay all the bills or execute the budget together.  You can have shared or split responsibility for that, or the bill paying, check writing, and envelope filling can fall primarily on one spouse or another.   But whoever is executing the budget needs to communicate ASAP if something changes in the month and the budget needs to be adjusted.

– Middle-of-the-month changes are OK – they will happen!  You just have to account for them in the budget somewhere.  Come back together, pull out the budget, and answer the question, “Where are we going to spend less so we can pay for this?”  Find where in the budget it’s going to come from, or determine if the sudden expense would qualify for you to use your emergency fund (is it really an emergency?).

Best of luck and godspeed!