I am so thrilled an honored to be speaking at the Making Things Happen Conference this fall alongside several amazing entrepreneurs!  The conference will be October 27-28 at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill.

Having attended the conference, I know how empowering it can be, and how much clarity it can bring!  The MTH Conference came at a time in my life that I needed direction, and experiencing the conference brought so much clarity to my life purpose.

Not only does it bring clarity and help you realize what really matters, but it also gives you the motivation to get it done and to really change your life.  The conference will address fear, anxiety, doubt, and whatever else is holding you back, and give you what you need to go and pursue the life you want to live.

Don’t get me wrong.  The conference is not about striving.  It’s not about just doing more.  It’s about being who you’re designed to be and doing more of what matters most. 

The conference is 50% off through next week with an early-bird rate, but it ends next Friday!  I hope you’ll join us for an awesome two days in October.

Have you been to MTH?  What was your biggest takeaway?