– Budgeting is a team sport.  If you’re married, let me introduce you to your teammate – they happen to share a bed with you.  If you’re single, get a teammate.  A friend, mentor, or coach can help you stay on track.  Budgeting goes best with accountability!

– Don’t be mistaken, using the cash envelope system doesn’t mean you pay for things like utilities and your rent in cash.  It means that you use a cash system to control your spending in the discretionary categories that vary month-to-month!  We currently roll with six envelopes: Food, Date Night, Auto Care, Clothing, Household, and Gifts.  Our “Blow Money” is distributed in cash as well, and that goes in our wallets.

– If you find yourself in a crisis, go back to the basics – Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Transportation.  If you’ve got these basics, you can live to fight another day.  Student loans, Netflix, AT&T, Visa, etc. can wait.