– Any amount of money without a plan has the tendency to be frittered away, leaving you wondering what happened to it?  Combat this with a plan.  That’s all a budget is!  Whether it’s a bonus from a big sale, a tax refund, an insurance settlement, an unexpected gift, an inheritance, or anything else, plan for it!

– Even planning to blow it all is better than not planning at all and being frustrated that the money’s gone.  It’s cool if you don’t want to put it in your emergency fund and instead want to blow the whole thing (in some cases), but the point is being intentional about it.

– Sometimes, when you’re frustrated and things aren’t coming together well on the budget, it’s good to just stand up, walk away, and come back to it in a bit.  Space and time can help you see things more clearly when you return.  Don’t, however, stand up and walk away from your spouse during a budget committee meeting.  That doesn’t go as well. :-)

Good luck!