It’s time to make a new budget for September!  Review your wins/losses for this month, and knock it out before next Monday!

– Budgeting is the tool that enables you to do everything else with money.  You’ll save, invest, and pay off debt more effectively with a PLAN.

– Don’t over-complicate your cash envelope system.  You don’t need 24 envelopes for every possible scenario.  It may take a few months to work out the kinks, but you should be able to settle on 4-8 envelopes to run the cash-based portion of your budget.  We currently use seven (five of which are in our envelope system), aside from our blow money, which goes straight into our wallets.

– The use of cash will do two things for you: 1) It will provide instant feedback for your spending to help you stay on track, and 2) it has the inherent power to limit your spending; many studies have shown people spend less when using cash!