Saw this quote recently, and loved it.  It’s attributed to David Brooks (not sure if it’s the journalist or the author).

I think it resonated with me because it encapsulated my personal view, which I’ve termed “optimistic realism.”  I’ve been accused of pessimism in the past, because I believe things aren’t as good as they perhaps could be.  But I see my view as simply a realist view – things aren’t as bad as they could be, but they’re not as good as they could be either.  Circumstances are what they are now – they might be good and they might be not so good – but they can be better, if you make it so.

The world we live in has no limits.  You can do literally anything you want.  Technology has enabled us to touch anywhere in the world with a click of a button.  It can connect you with customers, clients, and people of like mind all over the country and the globe.

Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt talk about the power we have today to create community and a platform to communicate like no other time in history!  (Godin talks about the fact we can do it and why we should; Hyatt excels at teaching you HOW to do it.) There are more tools available to us now to build a business, raise awareness for a cause, connect with people of similar interests, or change the world than ever before in history.

The opposite view of the successful one above is having a “victim mentality.”  It holds, “Everything that’s bad happened to me; it’s someone else’s fault, and it’s ruining my life.”

This victim mentality paralyzes the person who holds it.  We’ve all fallen prey to it at one time or another.  Something bad happens; we’re hurt, frustrated, and confused.  For a time (or maybe still) we’re convinced we can’t do anything about it.  We can’t make a move, we can’t move on.

Or maybe we’re paralyzed by indecision, or inexperience, or lack of knowledge.  I believe the sentiment above can help shake you from inaction.  Tomorrow can be better than today, but it’s up to you.  


Print above via Lara Casey.

So why wait?  Start today.  The world is wide open to you.  Do anything.

What are you going to do today that’s going to take you where you want to be?