– Blow money doesn’t just cover your “fun” – it covers incidentals as well.  Maybe you had some parking expenses this month, but that doesn’t mean you need an entire “Parking” envelope next month in your budget.  Your blow money can cover the miscellaneous little things here and there that come up.

– A budget meeting’s purpose is twofold – it looks back (How did this month go?), and it looks forward (What are we going to do this month?)  So you look back at the past month, and look forward to the coming month.

– This has come up a few times, but the spouse who is less inclined to make the budget should change something on the budget when you review it together.  The “numbers oriented” spouse should make the budget, then the one who isn’t geared towards the budget should review it and make changes.  That way, they’re involved.  No more “whatever you want” or “I don’t care.”