It’s so easy to get into debt.  Credit is one of the most marketed products out there today.  But you know what, it’s hard to get out.

It’s easy to wander into trouble with debt – whether credit cards, vehicle loans, student loans, medical debt or any number of other things.  The challenge?  Getting out.  You can wander in, but you can’t just wander out.

You won’t get out of debt in any reasonable amount of time without one thing: Energy.

Yeah, you gotta get fired up about it!  Get a little mad at it!  Attack the debt with some passion!  Go after it.  Break through it with some power and energy!

You gotta be like the guy in the video above, put some energy into it!  Use all your momentum, leverage, and force, and BREAK the bondage of debt off.

I’ve worked with enough folks to know, now, that the people who attack the debt with a little energy are going to be MUCH more successful in reaching their goals.   Those who nonchalantly try to wiggle their way out, slowly work a plan, or don’t put much energy into it take much, much longer to be free from debt and get on with their lives.

So if you’re in the stage of tackling some debt, let’s put some energy into it, get fired up, and start to break off some of those restraints!