– Heads up!  Christmas is coming in December this year!  If you’re not going to finance your kids’ plastic plastic on plastic, now is the time to start thinking and planning for it.  We’re beefing up our gift envelope in the next few months so that Christmas doesn’t follow us into the New Year!

– September and the change of seasons is the perfect example of why we do a budget every month, not rely on one budget to work for us every month.  Bills change, and new things come up!  My power bill is about to be significantly less than it was last month, since we’re not blowing the AC every day, thank the Lord.  But that’s why we revisit the budget every month.

– The partner who is less inclined towards budgeting must be involved!  It’s ok if one spouse creates the budget, but both have to be involved in finalizing it.  The less-inclined partner gets involved by changing something on the budget!  That’s a good thing, because it helps create a level of ownership!   Both have a vote and a voice.  Work it out!  Come to agreement, create alignment, and execute together.