Happy Fall!  It’s time to prep those October budgets!  Knock them out tonight if you haven’t already!

– Some utility companies will allow you to do “budget” or “balanced” billing, where they bill you an average of one year’s worth of bills.  We don’t do it, but if you’d like to build in some additional regularity in your budget, it’s fine to do.  Just make sure they don’t charge extra for it!

– Your REAL priorities should come FIRST.  How much are you going to GIVE?  How much are you going to SAVE?  Then, how much do you have to live on?

– I suggest budgeting around three percent of your take-home pay for blow money in most cases.  If you’re getting out of debt, gotta have priorities!  If you’re out of debt with a good emergency fund, you could perhaps trend closer to five percent.  See how that works out:

Monthly Income               5%               3%
$2000                                 $100           $60
$3000                                 $150           $90
$4000                                 $200          $120
$5000                                 $250          $150
$6000                                 $300          $180