Earlier this week I described eight places you could save money in your budget right now.  Those are things you could change immediately, just by adjusting your spending habits.

Today, I want to focus on some other areas: fixed expenses, to be exact.  These are the second things I visit when trying to save or squeeze more money out of the budget.  They are the expenses that are regular every month, and they may take some time and legwork to adjust.

A caveat: Some of these may seem extreme to you, if you are perhaps a casual financial observer.  I’m of the opinion that if I’m trying to get my life and finances in order quickly, nothing is off the table.  That being said, let’s proceed with the eight money-saving opportunities.

1) Cable – Trust me, your cable bill is hurting you.  Most folks with cable are spending over $100/month.  Why not use this handy guide to cut the cable and save a bunch of money each month?  With the proliferation of other-than-cable options, this is a viable possibility now.

2) Internet – You know something that’s on my to-do list?  Call my ISP and renegotiate my rate, since the promotion I was on recently expired.  This is a once-a-year, frustrating, time-consuming experience, because their customer service is legendary for being awful.  But if I can save $10/month, I’d much rather put it towards a goal or at least spend that on a Spotify Premium subscription; am I right?

3) Cell Phone – Sometimes I stagger at how much our bill is for our phones.  If we were trying to get out debt, I would cut it.  The only reason I don’t change it is that we have unlimited data, which you can’t really get anymore with the largest cell phone companies.  If you’re not in an unlimited plan you’re trying to hang onto, shop around!

The dominance of Verizon and AT&T has forced other carriers to get really creative in luring customers.  T-Mobile is paying to get you out of your contract (so will Sprint), and companies like Cellbreaker exist to make moving on from your two-year contract a possibility.

4) Auto Insurance – Geico may be able to save you 15% or more (everyone knows that), but I personally hate calling 12 different companies, giving them my name/address/car info/driving record/spouse’s info/personal interests/SSN/favorite foods/high school transcripts/etc. etc. ad infinitum.

That’s why I worked with Matthew Clark, Dave Ramsey’s Insurance ELP in my area.  I gave Clark Insurance our information, and they shopped a number of different companies that they represent and found a rate that saved me $30/month from my old insurer.

Look for Part 2 coming tomorrow!