I’ve elected to expand the Tuesday series to cover more than just budgeting!  It will now cover tips for your money – which may include saving, spending, investing, or other financial topics! 

– If you have a spouse/family and have an income, your family is going to need your income replaced when you’re gone.  That’s the purpose of life insurance – income replacement – and that makes life insurance a must-have.

– When purchasing life insurance, look to buy 20- to 30-year TERM life insurance with a benefit of at least ten times your income, with a minimum of $500,000.  Make $75,000/year?  Just add a “0” and get $750,000 coverage.

– I don’t want to shop dozens of companies; I want to go to one place and get a bunch of quotes.  A great place you can do that with no obligation is ZanderInsurance.com.