International bank Credit Suisse recently released its Global Wealth Report for 2014, an annual research-based report on global levels of household wealth.  If you want to read the report, you can here.  Be advised, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Much more digestible was Lauren Davidson’s great summary of the report in the UK Telegraph Online.  I had just a few thoughts based on the information contained in the report:

You are lucky to live in the US, if you do

Visiting an underdeveloped country will drive this point home, but the following graph is helpful as well. CS Global Wealth Report

While North America has about six percent of the world’s population, we hold just under 35 percent of the world’s wealth.  Wow.  We have the highest number of millionaires, and still experience excellent growth.

Furthermore, if you have $3,650 to your name, you’re in the top 50% of the worlds wealthiest.  If you have $77,000 including equity in your home, you have a spot in the top 10% wealthiest in the world!

How blessed are we to live where we do.  We didn’t choose it, we basically just won life’s lottery.  Just stop and be thankful, then use this opportunity to bless other people!

– You need to be investing

Global wealth grew faster than it ever has before in the last year – 8.3%.  They’re numbers that will make your head spin, but that’s an average wealth increase of $1.68 trillion dollars each month.  Which country led the growth?  You got it.  Good old U.S. of A. accounted for almost half of the global growth of wealth.

We, the average investor can participate in that, and you need to be!  Through investing with discipline in good, solid mutual funds with long track records you put yourself in a position to capitalize on that growth.

– You need to be investing internationally.  

Dave Ramsey recommends 25% of your portfolio be in international mutual funds.  Different advisors will recommend different allocations, but the bottom line is that you’ve got to invest internationally.

As Davidson notes, Credit Suisse estimates that “emerging markets” will account for 26% of global wealth growth in the next five years, looking ahead to 2019.  The number of millionaires will increase at a faster rate in 15 other countries before the United States.

Bottom line, you’ve got to have some solid international exposure in your portfolio, to participate in the gains presented by these emerging markets.

Have you read the report or Davidson’s article?  What are your thoughts?