– You’ve gotta stop asking, “How much down, and how much a month?”  That’s what poor people ask.  Rich people ask, “How much?”

– It’s exactly that kind of thinking that gets people in to homes they can’t really afford, cars they can’t really afford, vacation homes they can’t afford, boats they can’t afford, etc.  If you can’t pay for it, you can’t afford it.

– In a home buying situation, if all you ask is, “How much down, how much a month?” you could be spending $90,000 more than you should.

– Asking “How much?” helps you get an idea of the purchase’s affect on your overall financial picture, not just your monthly cash flow.  Also, it helps you see the opportunity cost more clearly.  The opportunity cost is what you’re giving up to get that thing, whatever it is.  So do you really want to spend $25,000 on that car, or is there something else you’d rather do with that money?  That’s easier to weigh than thinking, “Can I afford $450/month?”