The iPhone 6 came out a few weeks ago.  Many of you probably got one.  But let me ask you this: How many of you got your iPhone 6 and left it with all the default options?

Do you still have just the standard, pre-loaded apps on there and no others?  Still have the default wallpaper and background?  Still all the default settings?

No way!

You’ve put your favorite picture or graphic as your wallpaper.  You’ve customized each option to your liking; you’ve downloaded every app, and you’ve signed into all your services so it works just right, exactly how you want it.

You do this because the default options aren’t really that great.  Maybe they were at first, when the iPhone was originally invented, but now the default options don’t serve you well; they don’t meet your needs in a phone.

All our default options in life won’t serve us well either.

By default, your phone sucks, unless you take action and make choices to make it serve you.

By default, we are alone unless we choose to connect with other people meaningfully.

By default, our marriages will fail unless we choose to invest in them.

By default, our bodies will atrophy and sicken unless we make choices to care for them.

By default, we’ll be broke and desperate unless we choose to control our money.

By default, we’re selfish and greedy people unless we choose to practice gratitude and generosity.

By default, we are dead in our sins unless we choose to believe in what God has done for us through Jesus.

And yet, we still experience these things, because we don’t make the choices to adjust the options.  We don’t make the choices to make our health, our marriages, our money, our relationships serve our lives.  We end up frustrated because we’re not living life intentionally, we’re living it by default.

Start making choices that will optimize and enhance your life, instead of making you frustrated with it!

Today is the day to stop living by default and start living intentionally.

What’s one area of your life where you’re going to change the default options and start living intentionally?