I missed my first Tuesday Tips post in some eight months last week, as I took a day off from blogging on my birthday, November 4th.

We’ve had a big week, so I thought I might share a few highlights.  We headed up to Washington, DC on my birthday, as Nancy had a session up there and I had the flexibility to join her!Lincoln

Yes, Nancy and I are Segway nerds!  Nancy’s sister suggested we start using the hashtag #SegRays whenever we go do a Segway tour.  I first got a Groupon for a downtown Raleigh tour, and it was fun as could be!  Some time later, we went on a tour of downtown Nashville, and Nancy has been on a Segway tour of the Biltmore estate.  So, it’s safe to say we’re relatively experienced Segway operators.


On the way in, I looked up Segway tours in DC, and we jumped on one literally as soon as we rolled into town on my birthday!  We saw everything you can think of in 2.5 hours: Capitol Building, Washington Monument, the Jefferson Monument, the FDR and MLK memorials, the Lincoln Monument, and the memorials to the Korean War and Vietnam War.


All of that in 2.5 hours, and we had time to get off and walk around!  On foot, seeing all of that would have taken a whole day, and we would have been worn out and in bad moods by the end!

I really enjoyed the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, as we hadn’t seen it since it opened a few years ago.  It is so powerful.MLK

I just love the history and sanctity of the monuments in DC.  It’s awe-inspiring.  On the left, Lincoln.  On the right, the spot where MLK stood on the Lincoln Monument steps to deliver his “I have a dream” speech:

Lincoln   Lincoln Steps

One of my favorite things is the World War II memorial.  It’s beautiful and well-designed, and it does a good job of remembering the different parts and aspects of the war.

WWII Memorial

“Here we mark the price of freedom.”  The most striking feature of the memorial, the star wall, represents the over 400,000 Americans that gave their lives in WWII.  Each star represents 100 deaths.  There are 4,048 stars.

Star Wall

We had a great time walking around, ate an amazing meal at Founding Farmers, and got home late the next night.

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes in every medium imaginable!

Question: What’s your favorite thing to do or see in Washington, DC?