We’re very excited to announce the tiniest member of our little family:  Baby Ray, due May 27, 2015!

Nancy and I are thrilled, but we were a little surprised when we found out in late September.  I came home from a half-day financial conference, and Nancy said she wanted to chat.  We sat down outside on our back porch, and she had a little gift box prepared.

I opened it, and inside there was a balloon, some confetti, a note, some baby socks, and the cutest little baby hat with tiny ears on it.  I didn’t understand right when I opened it, but I picked up the hat and said, “NO!  Are you SERIOUS?” and dropped the hat like it was a hot potato.  When Nancy nodded, yes, I just started cracking up and laughing so hard.  I couldn’t believe it.


We weren’t really trying to get pregnant right then.  By most accounts, it wasn’t the best timing, as we were trying to avoid having a baby due in May/June/September/October – high wedding season.  But by God’s timing, the one that matters, it’s perfect.  We’re very much at peace, when we would have some reason to freak out.

The first two weeks, I was in utter shock and disbelief.  I would forget for a few hours, then look over at Nancy and exclaim, “Oh my gosh I can’t believe you’re pregnant!”  The shock and disbelief has [mostly] given way to excitement, anticipation, and a little nervousness, but overall we’re at peace.


A few items of note:

– The day after Nancy told me, we went to her doctor for a confirmation of pregnancy.  During the ultrasound, standing by the exam table holding Nancy’s hand, I nearly fainted.  I think it was the combination of the excitement, being overwhelmed, and seeing a view of internal organs I hadn’t before.  I have a ways to go – good thing I have six more months.

– For years, Nancy has been worried about being sick during pregnancy.  She fretted so much about it that I started to get worried, too.  Y’all, it’s an answer to prayer – she hasn’t been sick!  Sometimes she’ll get a wave of nausea and really need to eat something or get away from the smell she just took in, but otherwise she’s been great.


– Nancy has also been a champion during this time.  She’s been eating right, exercising, and not just using this as an excuse to take it easy.  I’m exceedingly proud and grateful for the great care she’s taking of her body and our little one.  As you well know, she is amazing, and I’ve recognized that in a new way.  I’m already so proud of her and she is the cutest mother-to-be ever.

– As of this writing, Nancy is 13 weeks along, and Baby Ray is the size of a kiwi.  All the internal organs are present at this stage of development, and Baby is in a growth spurt!  We’ve been loving the Pregnancy++ app.


– I’ve never seen a live ultrasound before, and it was incredible.  I’ve only seen pictures from them, so I expected little Baby Ray to be sleeping peacefully inside mama.  No chance.  Baby was moving all around, waving its arms and legs, touching its face and feet, and rolling around.  Absolutely blew. my. mind.  I was also thrilled to hear the heartbeat, a strong 170 bpm just whoosh-whoosh-whooshing away.  Overall, my reaction has been laughter, with a few tears.

Don’t miss Nancy’s post from her perspective as well today.  Thank you for the prayers, well-wishes, and kind words.  Exciting times!

Thanks to Callie for the pictures.
Thanks to Juliet for the Baby Ray print.