Oh, why I’m glad you asked!  My mom always forced us to make a gratitude list when we were young around Thanksgiving, which we hated.  Like many things, I’m thankful for it now.

Gratitude takes your focus off of what you lack and places it on the blessings you have.  It crushes selfishness and inspires generosity.  Gratitude removes angst and frustration and promotes peace instead.  It’s a powerful thing!

That being said, I’m thankful for…

– My amazing wife, who is an incredible life partner, friend, lover, confidant, business partner, counselor, encouragement, and blessing to me.

– The tiniest member of our family, who will be arriving in May!

– Jesus.  I’ll never be able to fully grasp the profundity of the gospel.  It’s new every year.

– Freedom.  While I don’t have warm fuzzies about the decline of freedom in our country in the last few decades, we’re still [mostly] free, and man was created to live that way.

#WinstontheDane.  I can’t really imagine my life without a dog, and we are blessed have a good one.

– Scripture.

– Our neighborhood.  We’re safe, have access to the greenway, a great pool, great sidewalks, great parks, and friendly neighbors.

– My siblings, who are incredible.  One a gifted artist and musician, the other a missionary along with his wife.

– Health.  I’m relatively young, but the longer you live the more grateful you become for this.  I pray I never have to lose it to become grateful for it.

– My nieces & nephews, all 7 of them.  And in-laws I love.

– Doing what I love and loving what I do.  I’m so thankful that Nancy and I can do life uniquely and be entrepreneurs.

– The Men in Blazers Podcast.  It’s reconnected me with my sports love: soccer.

– Technology.  It makes everything better.  And worse.  But mostly, better.  We got to tell my brother and sister-in-law we were pregnant on video, while they were in South Africa.  Pretty cool.

– Our home.  Clean water.  Shoes.  Air conditioning.  Safety.  Healthy, plentiful food.  Good clothing.  Our republic.  Our trips to Nicaragua will do that – they make me very thankful.

– Knowledge.  I’m thankful for experts who have researched, experienced, and gone before that share in books, blogs, speeches, and media so we can learn how to navigate this life better.

– Seasons.  Though I don’t like the cold, I prefer it warm, I do like the changes in the seasons.

– Great friends.  We are blessed to have some quality people in our lives.

Okay… I could go on, but I’d love to hear, what are you thankful for?