Don’t you just love getting a good deal?  I know I do.  It’s that time of year for deals, where retailers [almost] indiscriminately slash prices to ridiculous levels to lure you into their stores or onto their websites.

All year long, I sit, waiting patiently, like a great deal sniper, barely moving, barely breathing, buying nothing, just waiting for the little deal to stick its head out there so I can pop one off and take it!

Ok I’m not the best deal hunter ever, but I do enjoy grabbing a few great ones for myself and others when the time comes around each year!  Personally, I eschew in-person shopping at stores along with all the crazies between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and only go somewhere if I absolutely have to!  I much prefer browsing, shopping, and shipping from the comfort of my couch.

Here are some of the places I look to make sure I get great deals:

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week (and ongoing “Lightning” deals) – Amazon is just great.  As a Prime member, we get free two-day shipping, so I try to buy as much stuff as I can through Amazon.  Their Lightning deals can be the best and worst, because they discount items pretty significantly, but just for a limited time and a limited quantity.  This can lead you to purchase something you might not really need, so you’ve got to be careful.  I’ve caught myself trying to convince myself that I needed many things, including another cordless drill and various car accessories.  Be warned.

TUAW’s Daily Deals – “The Unofficial Apple Weblog” (TUAW) is my favorite source for Apple-related news and reviews.  They have a regular TUAW Daily Deals post, with a curated list of software, hardware, and accessories on discounted sale for the day or the week.  Their list of hardware and accessories on sale is made up of the best deals from DealMac, another great resource.

– My favorite online blogs and shops – Whether it’s The Art of Manliness, Huckberry, Michael Hyatt, Men in Blazers, or another favorite outlet, many smaller blogs and online retailers jump into the holiday fun with discounts or new product offerings, and I enjoy taking advantage of those where I can.

Amazon iPhone App – I love the Amazon iPhone app because it has the item and barcode scanner built in.  The scanner even scans objects and tries to find similar ones on Amazon, and keeps your scanning history for quick retrieval.

IMG_6747 IMG_6748

I grabbed the closest book to me – a Jodi Picoult novel that Nancy’s reading currently.  This is a great tool to price compare for items you might see somewhere or keep a running list of things you want to buy!

“Weekly” iOS App from Twicular, Inc. – This handy app searches for retail stores around you, and offers to download their weekly circular ad, so you can browse it on your phone or tablet. – Along with being the best source for electronics reviews and ratings, CNET keeps running count of the best prices and outlets to get whatever electronic device on that product’s page.  They’ve got a great article on the best Black Friday tech deals as well.

So that’s where my browser is pointed to today; how about yours?
Where are you finding some great deals for Black Friday?