I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – giving is some of the most fun you’ll have with your money!

Generosity changes you.  Practicing the discipline of generosity transforms us from our natural state – selfish, inwardly-focused people – and helps us become more selfless, outwardly-focused individuals.  All of us are different on us, but we know we are naturally focused on our own needs first.

Giving helps us become different, better people.

It’s always a great time to think about generosity and giving.  But since the season tends to open our hearts and mind to charitable giving,  I’m going to share a different video or giving story to help inspire our generosity each Wednesday until Christmas.

This week, I wanted to draw your attention to ILikeGiving.com, an awesome nonprofit whose mission is to inspire a generous world.  They make excellent mini-films about how generosity creates a better world for all of us.  Enjoy this short video sharing about the mission and heart of I Like Giving, and check them out!