– Proper insurance is not something you decide if you can “afford,” nor is it something that you focus on once you’re out of debt or have your savings built.  Your first line of defense in your finances is an emergency fund, the big, hairy defenders past that are properly-written, healthy, up-to-date insurance policies.

– Disability insurance is almost as important, if not more important, than life insurance for young people.  Imagine the [admittedly horrible] scenario:  You die, your family cries, you’re buried and they pay for your funeral, and they (eventually, sadly) move on, remembering you always.  An equally awful scenario: You’re critically injured somehow, become totally and permanently disabled but survive, and your family is faced with a lifetime of expensive medical care.  Both are awful, but the more financially devastating situation is the second, where you lose your income plus having to deal with medical expenses.

– An independent insurance broker is my favorite person to talk to for insurance coverage.  They have time for you, they get your information and find the best policy among dozens, and provide it to you.  You don’t shop eight companies, they’ll shop your policy around to several and find a great rate.