This week’s video comes to you via WestJet, an airline that the more I learn about, the more I want to patronize.  These people are great.

This video came to popularity last year, when WestJet staged a giving extravaganza for a couple select flights, complete with an interactive virtual Santa, who relayed the wishes to a ground team who bought, wrapped, and delivered the gifts while the guests were in flight.  This is incredibly creative and extremely well executed.  If you’ve got five minutes to spare, you won’t be disappointed.

How inspiring?  What are some ways that you can surprise and bless the socks off of someone?  Finding out what someone is trying to get for Christmas and clandestinely purchasing and delivering it would be a lot of fun!  Virtual wish lists, gift registries, and the like are gold mines for this kind of giving.  There’s no limit to how big you can give, and it’s especially fun when you know exactly what someone wants!